Appointments are preferred to spread the customers throughout the day, however, walk-ins are intended for repairs or when an alteration is not needing a fitting room. Usually, wedding dresses take about two months to complete during the wedding season.
For wedding appointments, please book two appointments: the first appointment is for when you come in with the dress and then a follow-up appointment is 3 weeks after the first. When coming for an appointment please bring all accessories you would like to use with the dress including the shoes! If another appointment is needed after the follow-up, please book another follow-up appointment.

Appointments are available to book up until 10/30/2023. I will open more appointments when we get closer to this date, but it currently helps me with planning time off.


  • Red-filled days on the calendar mean someone else booked the appointment for that day.
  • Tan-filled days mean I am not working that day.
  • White-filled days mean there is at least one slot open.
  • If the colors are faded it means a vacation for Valentina (woohoo!)

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