Appointments are preferred to spread customers throughout the day; however, walk-ins are intended for repairs or alterations that do not require a fitting room. To avoid waiting, please schedule a general appointment for all alterations except wedding dresses.

For wedding appointments, it is highly recommended to schedule both the first and second appointments simultaneously. The first appointment should be scheduled two months before the wedding date, with three weeks between the first and second appointments. Following the second appointment, there will be an additional five weeks available for any further appointments needed, allowing ample time for alterations.

Please allow extra time after the last appointment in case further adjustments are required. For the first appointment, please bring all accessories you intend to use with the dress and wear shoes of the same height and shape you plan to wear on the wedding day. If you wish to have friends or family provide consultation, please invite them to the first appointment when decisions are made. Note that significant changes such as adding sleeves may require additional time and may not be possible within this timeframe. In such cases, please send a text and a picture of the dress so we can determine if a full appointment is necessary. If you require consultation on the wedding dress, please send a text message to me.

Appointments are available to book until 07/31/2024. Additional appointments will be opened between 05/10/2024 and 05/15/2024 for the following months.


  • Red-filled days on the calendar mean someone else booked the appointment for that day.
  • Tan-filled days mean I am not working that day.
  • White-filled days mean there is at least one slot open.
  • If the colors are faded it means a vacation for Valentina (woohoo!)

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