Open up shop

Hello everyone,

I decided to slowly start selling dresses and clothes. I have some plans for things to sell but I wanted to start with two dress I thought were great. The dresses come with free fitting alterations when they are bought from us. Right now I only accept local pickup, which means you can pay with cash or credit card at the shop when you get fitted! I think this is a great opportunity to buy a dress custom fitted for you that looks great! Check out the shop tab above.


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Price list

Hellooo everybody. One of my customers told me it would be a good idea to have a price list on the website. I agreed with her so here it is, in the top menu up above. If there is anything I can do to make things more clearer and easier for everyone let me know!

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Wedding season

Alterations for wedding dresses vary a lot because many wedding dresses are unique. However from my experience, customers should expect to pay $150-$400. After the first fitting I am be able to give a reasonable quote on you wedding dress! We usually require a month and half of time to do all the alterations, fittings, and preparation.

See you soon,

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Closed on Saturday 9/3

I will be out on Saturday for a Romanian festival. I will have the shop closed and no replacement. If you would like to see me dancing in traditional Romanian fashion come here.

If I missed you, you can contact me and we can arrange another meeting! Thank you!

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Welcome to my website

I am here to make you look better than you expected. Whether it is minor helm or creating a design from scratch. My attention to the details will make the difference between store bought and tailor made.

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